09TheMobLordXx's Staff App


New member
-- Requirements --
We would like our staff to be atleast 13 years old when they are applying.
You MUST know English to apply for staff on our network
You MUST have Discord or Telegram.
We ask of you to have some experience before applying for staff on our network.
You must have been on the server for at least 2 months before applying for staff
We also like it when you are a team player. This means you try to work with a team and in a team environment.

-- Basic Information --

In Game Name: 09TheMobLordXx
Age: 14
Discord (Tag and Identifier): 09TheMobLordXx#6516
Do you have an understanding of how in-game commands work in a staff position?: Yes
Do you have a working headset and microphone?: Yes
Can you record in 720p or better quality? Yes
If you were to be accepted, how many hours a week would you be able to provide to the network?: 4/5 on weekdays and 6 on weekends.
Previous Experience: I own a server and was staff on FrodoPower's old server. So I know the commands and stuff.

-- Getting To Know You & Background Information --

IRL Name (First Only, please): William
What is your gender?: Male
What are some of your hobbys?: Making my Server.
Do you do any extracurricular activities?: Not really. I am OK at English/Grammar though.
Have you been punished before? If so, why, and what have you learnt from it?: No, I have never been punished
How do you feel that you would benefit the staff team upon joining?: I could give some suggestions from here to there, I could punish hackers/rulebreakers, and I would just be friendly and nice to the community.
What skills do you have that would be useful while you are apart of the staff team?: I don't know if owning a server counts as being staff but I am really good at detecting hackers, moderating the chat, and overall just being friendly and welcoming anyone who joins.
What are the most important qualities needed to work in a team environment and why?: Punishing rulebreakers, moderating chat, being strict in some cases, and being an overall friendly staff member.
Are you multilingual? If so, what languages?: No, just English.

-- Scenarios--

The following is a set of scenarios. There are no wrong answers so answer freely.

Scenario: What would you do if someone was advertising another server? Warn, then permanently ban them. OR just permanently ban them.

Scenario: What would you do if another moderator was abusing, teleporting to players, griefing, and banning people? I would tell a higher staff member

Scenario: A player creates a ticket stating that he was griefed. You go to the location the ticket was made and you find the grief was minor and was a friend to the person who submitted the ticket. What do you do?: I would the friend to only joke around when griefing, and I would tell the player to not overreact and tell him/her to stop if they are bothered by it. If they again make the same ticket I will tell the friend to stop it may get you punished, and I would tell the player to only make a ticket if it is serious.

Scenario: You are cave mining and you come across an area where a player has made a shrine. The shrine has several swastikas. When asking the player the purpose of the shrine he states that it’s for his in-game religion. What do you do?: First I would check if it is breaking the rules in any way, if it was breaking the rules I would tell him to remove it and don't do it again. Then temp-ban him if he continues. If it is NOT against the rules I tell him to not go overboard in making it.

Scenario: You log on and have received a letter written from a player complaining that another staff member was abusing their power. You find out the writer of the letter was also banned after sending the letter along with four other players all part of the same town. Two of the players haven’t even been on in the past days. When you ask the staff member that did the banning, he said the players were swearing a lot, disrespecting the staff, and sending IP’s of other servers via /tell. What do you do? : I would tell an owner or manager about the situation.

Scenario: What would you do if a player was asking for help with a donation issue that you cannot assist with?: Tell buycraft manager or the owners

Scenario: What would you do if a player messaged you saying they had found a bug that you cannot resolve yourself?: Tell a dev or owner.

Scenario: What steps would you take if you found a player cheating on the server?: First verify they are actually hacking If they are, I would permanently ban them or depending on your rules, temp ban them.

Scenario: Where would you direct a player if they were asking where to report a player?: I would link this link. https://venommc.net/forums/index.php?forums/report-a-player.14/

-- Extra Information --
Should we know anything else about you? If so, what?
I own a server so I am quite good at this stuff.


System Administrator
Staff member
In a normal circumstance, this application would have been accepted, however, due to asking multiple times in general chat it has been denied. You can try again after 2 weeks. Thank You.