Important Creative Reset Information

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Creative Reset Information

So, I rumored about a month ago that we would be resetting Creative and that is still going to happen! The spawn & some development needs to be done then we should be ready.

* No More Plots. That will turn into worlds.
* WorldEdit & VoxelSniper
* Protected by Viper
* Version: 1.12.2 (previously 1.13)
* Volcano Themed Spawn
* Marriage Plugin
* Per-Server Ranks
* Events (Staff will able to start Spleef events and that stuff. Wont be available on release)
* Giveaways (Certain things may be given away like permission to use our factions spawn in your world)
* All Player Data will be in a MySQL database (No in game currency. There may be one introduced in the future though)
* Backup's will happen every hour on Creative instead of every day so that we can restore the server from reckage and not have people loose too much progress
* TNT Enabled (you will be able to test cannons on here, they will work.)
* Certain Mobs will be disabled (Ghasts, The Ender Dragon, etc)
* Player Warps! (You will be able to make warps in your world that you can have others go to. TP Trapping or Killing will be bannable)
* Schematica allowed. (Previously we didn't allow that due to certain memory constraints)
* and much more!

Additional Information
Some details are still be to finalized.

Estimated Release Date: Febuary 14th 2020


This should clear up some questions you may have for me. If you have any more please ask on Discord

How many people will be allowed in one world?: No idea, we may limit it if it gets out of hand but right now we don't plan on limiting the number of members.
Wouldn't this use more memory than what you guys currently use?: Most likely but that is just a sacrifice we are willing to make
How can we transfer our current builds to the new creative server?: Easy! Make a schematic of them. We will transfer everyones schematics to the new server!
Why are we resetting?: I want Venom to attract new people and let's be honest Creative is the most boring server on the Network and no one really plays it at the moment.

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