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5 days ago
Factions Alpha Map Information

Factions Alpha Map Information

Let the odds be ever' in your favor


Size: 10 Man

Koths: Enabled

Custom Enchants: Yes


Hey all, We have decided to enable custom enchants for our alpha map. But lets go over some more important information. Shall we? Well we hope to have a very early alpha by the end of October. This means that the server still may be unstable and we will work on the kinks as time progresses. Once this map launches I will be looking for suggestions and bugs that have been found. Until then Factions suggestions & bug reports will not be open.


WIll Viper be enabled the Alpha map?

Possibly. It is a possibility just depends on how stable the anticheat becomes between now and then. At the moment we are having some falses with some movement checks.

Will Staff be allowed to play?

Of course, staff are allowed to play on all released servers. Some staff do have permissions to access Factions but are not allowed to play. This is mainly because well the map hasn't released.

What mods will be allowed on Factions?

Anything Cosmetic like the Wings mod for example. Badlion Client as well as many others will be allowed. LabyMod I am still unsure of at this point.

When will the full release of this map be?

Well thats to be decided still, as this is super early and we do not have much done on the server. We are aiming for January 2020 but that is subject to change.




10 days ago
Viper Development Changelog #4

Viper Development Changelog #4

Hello everyone, We are releasing a changelog of all the new checks that we have added since last time! There's quite a lot. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me on discord!

New Checks

ScaffoldA(Stable), ScaffoldB(Experimental), SpeedB(Experimental), SpeedC(Semi_Experimental), SpeedD(Semi_Experimental), Fly C(Experimental), TimerA(Semi_Experimental), SprintDirection(Experimental), InventoryMoveA(Stable), BadPacketA->BadPacketG(Semi_Experimental), RegenA(Experimental), KillauraA(Semi_Experimental), KillauraB(Stable), KillauraC(Semi_Experimental), ReachB->ReachD(Semi_Experimental), VelocityA(Experimental),

17 days ago
Factions Information

Factions Information

Let the odds be ever' in your favor


Size: 10 Man

Koths: Enabled

Custom Enchants: TBD


A few questions have popped up during devleopment one of them being.

Will Viper be implemented in Factions?  Yes, Viper will be in Factions.

The Factions Bot

This bot you have probably seen me toying with it. Well that will be able to be invited into your discord server so your faction members can stay up to date on everything that's going on. Here are some features of this bot. Factions Stats, Player Stats, Wall checking and a ton of other things that may be useful to you.

Our Builds

All our builds will be 100% custom, there will be no downloaded builds (there may be some that I paid for on mc-market or whatever).

More information

There is still a lot to be decided about the current map and when beta maps will occur. To keep posted on this, join our discord server. 

24 days ago
Viper Development Changelog #3

Viper Changelog #3: New Checks

This is a list of all new checks that we have been working on.


We have added a few new checks since the last time:

KillAura Type A (Machine Learning)

KillAura Type B (Not machine learning)

NoSwing Type B

NoPitchLimit is now async

AutoClickers 100% blocked as of right now (testing may be required further for this check)


Working on:




Messages have been added. They are no longer debug messages.

about 1 month ago
Viper Development Changelog #2

Hey there everyone,


Below are the checks that we will be detecting.

Stable Checks:
AimbotA(detects Killaura, Scaffold, Tower, this is really just weird movement)
Unstable Checks:
AimbotB(chance it might be removed)
FlyA(almost stable)
SpeedA (fixed)